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Why Professional Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo is probably one of the most common, stylish, hard-wearing and best-looking types of stone surfaces found in the United Kingdom.
Terrazzo is a man made surface that is made out from marble chips that are mixed together with a special binding material and for so, it can take whatever shape and color the interior designer wants to, You can usually find it in commercial spaces such as airports, train stations, public pools, supermarkets or even office buildings but since it's so versatile it can be found in administrative spaces such as embassies or even in some eccentric private held households. 

Since terrazzo is so complex and it's designed for heavy traffic due to it's destination. it can wear thorough time and needs restoration.

In time many terrazzo floors will became scratched or stained, as a result the floor will become porous and the surface of it will look dull and dirty.

In this situation, you will need special equipment and knowledge about cleaning and restoring terrazzo, in order to remove the ingrained dirt without damaging your floor.

No to mention if your floor is uneven or severely damaged, then your only option is terrazzo floor restoration.

The terrazzo restoration process is kind of similar to other stone surfaces restoration, meaning that a special machine with special pads or discs will grind down the whole surface until a good looking layer of terrazzo will be exposed. After this step the floor will be cleaned with terrazzo cleaner, honed, dried,  polished and re-sealed with a water-based sealant. The whole process will be done step by step, repeating steps if necessary until the terrazzo will look as new once again.


Terrazzo Maintenance

Here at Stone Guru, we are specilized in terrazzo restoration and maintenance services. Not only we've done lots of terrazzo restoration jobs over the years but we learned how to restore terrazzo in Italy, the country that trets stone surfaces as it was a gift from heaven.

Terrazzo maintenance is important if you want to keep your terrazzo floor in the best looking shape ever as it can provide you with great results without having the need to restore the terrazzo surface periodically.

From a financial point of view, it's cheaper to have a terrazzo maintenance plan in place where stone floor specialists are properly taking care of the terrazzo floor than by having it restored once in a while.

We can provide both services.
All you need to do is to get in touch by using the contact form above or to give us a call so that we can discuss ove what's better for your terrazzo floor. 

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Terrazzo cleaning, polishing, protecting and restoration Before and After

These are some real terrazzo photos from real jobs we performed over the years. If you are reading this on your desktop or laptop, use your cursor to drag either left or right to see the before and the after looks of the terrazzo floors. If you are reading this on your phone, you can swipe left and right.

before image
after image
before image
after image
before image
after image

Terrazzo Restoration FAQ

Terrazzo Cleaning. Does it help if I do it with household items?

Yes, it does. Regular cleaning of the terrazzo floor using household items can help a lot in maintain a clean terrazzo surface.

Prior in doing the terrazzo cleaning please bare in mind that you should go online and search for tutorials on how to do it, there are hundreds of threads on this topic.

The main aspects for you to consider if you are going to do this are:

- DIY terrazzo cleaning is good but it will be very hard to match a professional cleaning's company results
- Use only neutral or plain water. Don't use acidic or alkaline water as it can damage your terrazzo
- Don't use all-purpose cleaners as it could contain acids that could damage the terrazzo. Try shopping for a dedicated terrazzo cleaner.
- Don't use stain removers or oil-based cleaners
- Always use clean water and clean rags to buff the freshly cleaned terrazzo floor

Terrazzo Resurfacing. Is this the best solution for my terrazzo floor?

The answer is yes. If you are looking for the best out of your terrazzo floor, resurfacing might just be the solution for you. Please bare in mind that resurfacing can only be done by professionals, using specialized terrazzo machinery that can be dangerous for common public.

Terrazzo resurfacing means having a thorough understanding of the terrazzo's properties and taking those properties into consideration prior to start the job.

During the terrazzo resurfacing process, the top worn out layer will be striped off exposing a brand new layer that can be polished, cleaned and obviously sealed afterwards.

The objective of the terrazzo resurfacing process is to take an old piece of stone and to grind and polish it until it looks at it was new.

Terrazzo Polishing. Why should I consider it?

You should consider terrazzo polishing if you wouldn't consider terrazzo resurfacing or a full terrazzo restoration process.

It's like in car paint. If you don't want your car to look like it was freshly painted but still want the looks of a brand new car, the cheapest way is to get it polished professionally.

During the terrazzo polishing process, various types of machinery with various types of pads and furthermore various levels of grit and abrasiveness will be used by a trained terrazzo restoration specialist in order to achieve the best looking result possible.

From our experience, terrazzo polishing is for you if your terrazzo floor isn't to badly damaged or worn out.

Either way, get in touch and we are confident that we will find the solution that best fit your terrazzo needs. 


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