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Floor restoration 19.10.2023

Concrete floor restoration in London

In today's blog post we will be covering some of the most asked questions when it comes to concrete floors. First, let us start by...

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Floor restoration 1.12.2023

Limestone Floor Cleaning | How to actually clean...

We had to perform a very complex and challenging limestone floor cleaning job these days. The procedure, left us with an experience that we...

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Floor restoration 1.12.2023

The Complete Guide to Restoring Stone Floors

Stone floors are a beautiful and functional design feature. They can make a home feel warm and cozy or cool and elegant depending on the...

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Floor restoration 1.12.2023

How to Clean a Natural Stone Floor So That It...

Introduction Natural stone is a durable surface that can be used to cover a floor or other surfaces. However, it does require some care and...

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