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  1. Introduction
  2. We are not cleaning ladies!
  3. Keep your stone clean like your car!
  4. For the love of stone


  1. Introduction


For the beginning, let me tell you our name: Stone Guru. What is the meaning of this name? It means that we are the best you can get when you need any kind of stone restoration.


We offer genuine professional services such as marble floor restoration, granite, terrazzo, limestone and all other floor restoration and maintenance.


We can give you all the informations you need regarding to any kind of stone or floor, but in this article we will tell you how much we love it.


  1. We are the best restorators in town!


Yes, you heared that! We offer you the best stone restoration and maintenance you can find in London, and we do it perfectly!

For us, stone is a piece of art and much more than this, stone is our love!

We are here to take care of it and to make the best from it.


  1. Keep your stone clean like your car!


Stone is not important for you? For us it is!

Just think about how many times you wash your car during one year, then think about how many times you restorate or maintain your stone clean.

It’s a big difference, cars needs to be washed many times during one year. On the other side, restorating your stone at least one time per year it’s enough.


And by the way… let me ask you a question. Who in this world has a nice and expansive car and does not take care of it? No one.

So it should be the same with the stone also. Take care of it, and protect it!


  1. For the love of stone


You already know that we love stones. But you know how much we do it?

Mihai, the founder of Stone Guru has dedicated most part of his life for stone. He spended his early professional life in stone restoration in Italy, the capital of natural stone edifices and then he camed here, in London to share all of his love for stone.

We managed to restorate the floors for some of the most iconic buildings in London, because they believed in us and they felt the love of our work!


We also take care of some of the most iconic places in London, as Selfridges, Harrods, Shard, Sommerset House, Albert and Victoria museum, grade 1 rated buildings in Park Lane, Mayfair, high end offices in The City of London and Victorian Houses in the around London.


You can now agree with us that we are the Guru of stones, right?


Now you know how much we love and take care of “our” stone! If you think your stone or your floor needs some “spa” time, this is the best moment to call us!

Posted on: 7 April 2021