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Coronavirus | Covid-19 and Stone Guru


As you know, we all are going through a very difficult situation caused by the Covid-19 virus, known as Corona virus.
All the authorities’ info about the virus can be read here or here.

Coronavirus and Stone Guru, what you should know about:

We are still working, still undertaking jobs and doing our best to fulfill all of our duties at the time of this article being posted.
At this time, it is advisable to reconsider all interactions. However, be sure that we at Stone Guru make every effort to keep everything safe, to continue daily operations and to meet your important cleaning and restoration needs.

We are fully committed to taking care of you and your floors as we did in the last years.
Our machinery is often cleaned and all the substances we are using for cleaning purposes are recommended during these times of medical urgency.


As you can see, our team is well suited and protected to ensure anyone interested that no virus will spread while we are working.

Also, all our team is tested and healthy. We take much pride in being safe, first for us and our families and afterwards for our clients. We are covered by insurance and will do whatever to make sure that no harm will take place while us doing our jobs.


This is a time to be extra careful and to care for one another. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or if there is a way we can help out with something.


To keep up to date with our program and to get updated information on the operation of our services, please visit our websites: or or stay in touch via social media by following the accounts listed in the footer of this website.


Thank you all!


This picture was taken on the 18th of 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 UK

Posted on: 19 March 2020