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In today's blog post we will be covering some of the most asked questions when it comes to concrete floors.
First, let us start by saying that concrete floors are widely spread around all the United Kingdom. You will probably find them in garages, commercial areas such as stores or wear houses or even in some minimalist houses.

Usually, as time passes the concrete surface will start looking dull and scratched and that's the moment when you will decide either to go DYI or call a specialist.

How to restore an old concrete floor


In the following, we will cover these aspects and questions about concrete floor restoration:

How to restore an old concrete floor

You might be thinking: "Why should I restore old concrete? Couldn't i just replace it with some other type of surface? "
Well, you could do that but there's a big "but" in there: concrete floors tend to give a special look and feel to any room, regardless the size or destination. This is one of the main reasons concrete floor owners want to have it restored rather than replaced.

The restoration process for an old concrete floor is almost like any other restoration process for other types of stone floors. It involves water, grinding and abrasive materials and chemicals and machinery.

The larger the area to be restored, the larger the machinery used to restore it.

Ok, but how do you restore an old concrete floor? Well, here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Select the proper grinder.
As said before: the larger the area, the larger the tools. In this case, the grinder. 
You will need to bear in mind that these machines are operating on different voltages and come in 115 and 220-volt single-phase oar 240 and 480-volt three-phase power. 
If you are about to undertake the concrete floor restoration by yourself, please be sure to check your power outlets before renting or buying one out.  If you are going to hire a specialist to do it for you, please let them know about your electrical capabilities in your premises.

Step 2: Use the right diamond pads.
Now that you got your grinding machine, all you need to do is to choose the diamond pads.
The bigger the number, the lighter the touch. Basically, if you are going to use MS1 resin diamond pads you are going in for the big scratching while using the MS8 resin diamond pads you will give the floor a clean polish. Your floor, your decision.

Step 3: Grind it like you mean it.
Now you will have to get some elbow grease and start the job. Remember: even if you would use the wrong pads or machinery, if you don't apply heavy force on your concrete floors you can always reduce the damage. Once you will get the hang of it it will be easy to do. It's a matter of feel and experience.
concrete floor grinder

Step 4: Get the floor dry and clean.
The concrete floor is restored but not looking quite as expected? No worries! All you need to do is to get it as clean as possible. Use warm water, some concrete soap and some old cloths or rags to clean it good.
Let it dry and enjoy the view.

Step 5:  Repeat the process occasionally
All stone floors need attention from time to time. We would recommend you repeating the process above occasionally. The damage levels are in strict correlation with the traffic the concrete floor is exposed to, so this is basically on your call: how often should you restore an old concrete floor.


Refinishing concrete floors

Maybe your concrete floor doesn't look that old and it doesn't need tool renting or special skills to make it look as new again. Think again! The whole process is like the one described above. If we didn't mention, there will be lots of dust involved in the process, so be prepared to mask everything off. Modern grinders can keep the dust off but bear in mind that a professional grinder is very hard to find for hire if you are not a professional.

Refinishing means getting the floor to an early stage of the construction and trying to get it back to the last stage by making look differently, usually by using a different visual overlay. That said, you should leave it to professionals or seek help online and proper documentation prior to actually trying to do it.

Polishing or resurfacing concrete floors: what's the best option for you

While most of the concrete floor can be polished and get to the point they are shining, some of them are beyond that point, or the original concrete-industrial look doesn't serve the location purpose anymore and that's when you will want to resurface it.

Usually we would leave this kind of decision to an architect and we indulge you to do so as well, but in some cases, you just can't ignore ones desire to make it's concrete floor more lively.

No matter the decision, the fact that you are reading this blog article right now puts you on the right path as you already decided to make your concrete floor look as new again. Hurray!

 Polishing or resurfacing concrete floors

Concrete floor restoration near me - or how to find specialized help.

When looking for concrete floor restoration, you should look for specialized help. By specialized we mean companies that performed this kind of surface restoration in the past and can provide you with both samples of work and insurance.

When looking for specialized work, you should look at their website, their social media presence, their reviews and, most important is to ask if they can provide a sample job. If they can, you should go for it.

Needless to say, that you can call us or get a free quote by using the dedicated button to do so.

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Posted on: 10 February 2020