Diamond Grinding

marble restoration

Natural stone and wood surface looses the desired finish or gets damaged by foreign objects, spills of unwanted liquids in time and at some point fails to offer a good look. Replacing it will not solve the problem, will just be a very expensive way of history repeating.

We offer an extensive and complete stone restoration, which sometimes ends in revealing a better surface than the original one. Diamond grinding uses mechanical technology to remove the damaged surface and reveal a new and fresh layer of stone, that hasn t seen the light of day for a couple of millions of years.

All types of natural stone and wood surfaces absorb foreign elements from the close environment. In time, a surface that hasn’t been sealed (properly), will absorb moisture and dirt, will begin to change properties and look damaged.

The Solution is to seal the surface, and there are many options to choose from, depending on the type of surface, the finish required, the intensity of traffic.

Even after it has been sealed, the surface needs periodic maintenance, which can be very cost effective if it is done periodically and with the right tools and products. We are knowledgeable of the best sealants and impregnators on the market and we can offer the most professional service your surface can get.

Stone Cleaning and Sealing

marble restoration

Crystalization & Vitrification

marble restoration

Many high traffic areas, like hotels, public institutions, stations, etc have a problem with maintaining the surfaces look fresh and offering access to works to be done periodically.

Therefore the crystallization and vitrification were processes designed to offer a quick and efficient maintenance solution. It can be done much quicker than the grinding, at lower costs and with a longer fit for purpose solution.