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Floor Restoration.

Stone Guru: The Floor Restoration Company| London floor restoration service for period and modern floors including all stone and tiled floors, floor grinding, polishing and refinishing.


Floor Refurbishment.

Because we are offering you a full range of floor refurbishment services, there’s absolutely no way that we will not find a way to fully refurbish your stone or wood floor.


Floor Renovation.

We are gurus of floor renovation! For that reason, our satisfied clients can guarantee that our work is top notch. From commercial to residential floors, we will fully renovate any floor!


Marble Floor Polishing.

Looking for Marble floor restoration, refurbishment or renovation or for marble floor services? We can do it all! In essence, marble floors are among our favorites because of the splendor that comes out of making them look like new and shiny once again.


Terrazzo Floor Grinding.

A clean and good looking terrazzo floor needs grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing. All those processes are part of the renovation, restoration and refurbishment services that we offer. Therefore, we have a lot of experience with terrazzo floors!


Concrete Floor Restoration.

Done right, a concrete restoration or refurbishment process could make the concrete floor look better than other premium types of surfaces. Given that, Concrete is by far one of the most challenging surfaces that we undertake.


Travertine Floor Buffing.

Are you tired of trying to keep your open travertine dirt free? Travertine restoration and renovation could be the answer to all your prayers. Therefore, sealing the surface after all the intensive restoration processes will be carried out so that your floor will stay dirt free for as much time as possible. In conclusion, let’s talk!


Granite floor sealing.

Quick fact: granite floors are among the most bellyfull floors out there. If you have one, thumbs up for you. When it comes to restoring granite floors, and making them look as new again you should probably get someone that is an expert. Without a doubt, we can and will make your granite floor look the way it should. That’s a promise!


Limestone Floor Restoration.

Did you know that Limestone needs extra attention as it’s a porous type of stone?Limestone floors had been around for centuries and the ways of making them look good had improved over the years. In other words, we can now state that we are Guru’s when it comes to limestone floor restoration or renovation.

Professional Stone Floor Restoration Services in LONDON and all it’s soundings areas.

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Before and after

We take pride in our work, that’s why we are very proud to show you these Before and After Restoration Refurbishment & Renovation pictures that can help you get a better idea on the quality that we provide. Use the coursor to drag from left to right or from right to left the diamond shaped icon in order to fully see the diference. We can provide more photos if requested.

Stone floor restoration
Stone floor restoration
Stone floor restoration
Stone floor restoration
Stone floor restoration
Stone floor restoration

Not Your Ordinary "construction guys" because we are Guru's and we are doing it #ForTheLoveOfStone.

There is something special about about a lovingly restored stone or wood floor that really adds beauty to a room. It really doesn’t matter if that room is in a commercial building or a residential one. It’s all about #ForTheLoveOfStone because we are doing everything while considering this gift that Mother Nature has granted us with.

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Floor services

3 Services: One Mission!

Floor restoration, floor refurbishment and floor restoration needs to be recognized as an art because that’s what it is!

What People Are Saying

Excellent company to work with. I have had my floor polished by other companies before but I have to say none of them even come close to Stone Guru! Quality finish, everything looks brand new! Mihai is a very professional guy along with all his team of hard working people. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

John Bishop

TrustPilot Review

Stone Guru had restored and eradicated the problem, he even cleaned the bathroom floor after. I can’t thank Store Guru enough, he was very professional and got on with the job immediately and worked so hard to complete as quickly as possible without rushing and with total precision. I was absolutely amazed at the results. Thank you so much for resolving my situation and with such a friendly and calm manner. I would 100% recommend to anyone. Stone Guru is reliable and a true expert! Thank you again!

TrustPilot Review

Katie Patten

Highly recommend! We will definitely use Stone Guru again for many of our projects in the future . Excellent service and the whole team were very professional and efficient. The marble in our property looks great again! Thank you so much!

Steven Chapelle

Facebook review

The best Floor Restoration Specialists in town. I have worked with Stone Guru a couple of years ago when I used to live in London and let me tell you, the job that they did recovering my dirty and old marble floor was amazing. Looked better than new. Highly recommend Mihai and his crew.

Marius Z

Google Review

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