Stone floor restoration London

Stone Restoration Portfolio

We’ve managed to take photos from almost all of our jobs and we think that a single photo says
more than 1000 words.This is the reason that we’ve chosen to better display our work by showing you photos from our stone floor restoration and cleaning jobs.

Remember that all of this was done #ForTheLoveOfStone by #StoneGuru with lots of help from Lantania and Hypergrinder


Floor restoration portfolio




Stone Revival Showcase

Our belief is that a picture can speak volumes, more eloquently than a thousand words. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to capturing the essence of our craftsmanship through photographs. In this portfolio, you'll witness the transformation we bring to stone floors, evident in every job we undertake.

Each image here is a testament to our passion and dedication, encapsulated in our guiding principle, #ForTheLoveOfStone. Our journey, marked by precision and care, is made possible through the collaboration with our trusted partners, Lantania and Hypergrinder. Together, we’re not just restoring stone, we’re reviving stories, one floor at a time. Join us in exploring the artistry of #StoneGuru through these visual narratives of restoration and cleaning.

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Travertine Restoration

Limestone Restoration

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