Do you need a Covid-19 deep cleaning service for your concerns about your place and health? We can help you out! Get a free quote about what needs to be done in order to get your place up and running, healthier and Covid-19 free!

Price per square meter: 12.99

Covid-19 deep cleaning services

We are Stone Guru. London based full stone floor restoration company. Among our most requested jobs to do is taking care of floor surfaces and one of the reasons for that being is the fact that even though the material is one of the most durable and versatile building materials out there, it still needs restoration once in a while.

Since we are already doing work on your floor, we decided to add some features for the world's newest concern, COVID-19. So we stated a new service for you, the Covid-19 Deep Cleaning service.

We proudly take care of your floor and your health too!

It's very important to have a clean floor these days

As stated above, floors need maintenance from time to time. The main ideea that we all could agree on is that beside your floor maintenance, you could do great to cover your Covid-19 concern aswell! This is a great dyi project for anyowne who likes cleaning and has the time to gather some information on how to do it, but it's better left with the professionals and the right tools for it.

The final cost of concrete maintenance could actually be lower if you hire some floor professionals than by just doing it yourself.

Let us lend a hand!

Concrete Restoration

We use the right method for a clean and healthy floor

Here are the ingredients that make the difference

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Acid Powder

What is Covid-19 Deep Cleaning and why you should do it?

The name speaks for itself. Floor maintenance means taking old or damaged flooring and make it look as it was brand new once again.

In our restoration process we are using a very strong acid powder that is greatly taking care of microorganisms nested on your floor. This acid powder is getting two things done in this process, the first, restoring your floor to a clean look and the second, making your floor healthier.


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Eco soap

We are using a 100% ecological soap in our method

Stone guru's eco soap is a great ingredient in our Covid-19 Deep Cleaning process.

Hygiene is another important factor to keep a track on it. Our eco soap is used after the first phase is completed, which is applying the Acid Powder. It freshens your entire place and boosts your hygiene.

The floor is a highly pretentious surface in your place, probably the hardest to keep clean and healty, but we have the method for it!

We proud ourselves with astonishing results when it comes to floor health and aesthetically and if you are reading this right now, we assume that you are looking for someone to bring your floor to a clean and healthy state. We would love to hear from you about your project.


Deep cleaning: the hard way or the professional way?

Cleaning a floor is a must and it should be done periodically.
The main benefit of cleaning the floor is the fact that it will extend its service life and  nonetheless it will definatelly enhance it's beauty and health.

Cleaning the floor is a great dyi project that can be done by practially anyone with some skills to search the internet for tips and tutorials. The process itself isn't that hard to do but the time needed to get the best looking and healthiest results depends on both the cleaning materials and tools the person would use and the level of attention needed of the floor.

Still, if you are not into results that might vary, you could always call us to do the cleaning for you as it will take less time, less dirt and also the results will be amazing. It has a lot to do due the fact that we do floor cleaning a lot, and also have the proper equipment and substances to get it done in a professional manner.

We use the best method to get you a clean and healthy floor!

This is all there is about Covid-19 deep cleaning service.

In order to get a fair quote on your Covid-19 Deep Cleaning service, the steps are:
1. You fill out the contact form above with all the info that you are willing to share with us.
2. We will get in touch asap to discuss over the phone about the condition of the floor deep cleaning
3. If needed, we will than agree on a visit to your location in order to better asses the floor's condition
4. If the project imposes this, we might agree on doing a free sample job in order for you to see the results prior to actually having the whole floor deep cleaned.
5. We are going to perform our job in the best manner possible


Thank you for choosing us.