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We are Stone Guru. London based full stone floor restoration company. Among our most requested jobs to do is takning care of concrete surfaces and one of the reasons for that being is the fact that even though concrete is one of the most durable and versatile building materials out there, it still needs restoration once in a while.

Our mission is to make any stone surface as new again thus saving money and avoiding architectural changes in spaces where this isn't needed.

We proud ourselves with many concrete restoration jobs under the belt and every single one of them was a succes.


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Why Professional Concrete Restoration & Polishing

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning concrete is a must and it should be done periodically.
The main benefit of cleaning the concrete is the fact that it will extend its service life and  nonetheless it will definatelly enhance its beauty.

Concrete cleaning is a great dyi project that can be done by practially anyone with some skills to search the internet for tips and tutorials. The process it'self isn't that hard to do but the time needed to get the best looking results depends on both the cleaning materilas and tools the person would use and the level of damage of the concrete.

Still, if you are not into results that might vary, you could always call us to do the cleaning for you as it will take less time, less dirt and also the rsults will be amazing. It has a lot to do due the fact that we do concrete cleaning a lot, and also have the proper equipment and substances to get it done in a professional manner.

What is Concrete resurfacing and why you should do it?

The name speaks for itself. Concrete resurfacing means taking old or damaged concrete and make it look as it was brand new once again.

In order to get the concrete looking like new, we will need to overcoat the old concrete with a new concrete coating. Basically, you could choose to change the concrete's color or even the texture. New and stylish patterns could be used to give your concrete surface the "face" that pleases you the most.

Concrete resurfacing can be done on indoor floors (both residential or commercial ones), on driveways, pool decks, patios or even steps. 

Is it worth restoring concrete?

The answer to the first question is definatelly Yes!

Concrete is among the most durable construciton materiales ever developed by man, but from time to time it needs some attention in order to get it to look as new.

Concrete floors and visible concrete walls are trending right now among interior designers and that's because concrete is very versatile and always looks good, no matter where it's used.
We love concrete because it's among the surfaces that come to life once restored and the reults are pretyy dramatic while looking at the before and after pictures.

We proud ourselves with astonishing results when it comes to concrete restoration and if you are reading this right now, we assume that you are looking for someone to restore your concrete. We would love to hear from you about your project.


Concrete Maintenance

As stated above, concrete surfaces need maintenance from time to time. We could write about concrete resurfacing, concrete cleaning or even concrete polishing and protecting and we will probably need another stone restoration website just in order to cover all aspects. The main ideea that we all could agree on is that concrete maintenance is a great dyi project for anyowne who likes cleaning and has the time to gather some information on how to do it, but it's better left with the professionals.

The final cost of concrete maintenance could actually be lower if you hire some stone floor professionals than by just doing it yourself.

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Concrete Restoration FAQ

How long does the concrete restoration and polishing process take?

The duration of the concrete restoration and polishing process varies depending on the size of the area and the extent of restoration required. For most residential projects, it can take a few days, while larger commercial spaces may take longer. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring the highest quality results and will provide a more accurate timeline upon assessing your specific project.

Is polished concrete slippery?

Despite its glossy appearance, polished concrete is not inherently more slippery than other flooring options. In fact, the polishing process increases the friction coefficient of the surface. However, like any smooth flooring, it can become slippery when wet. We recommend using anti-slip conditioners or coatings in areas prone to moisture to enhance safety.

Can all concrete surfaces be polished, or are there limitations?

Most concrete surfaces can be polished, but the existing condition of the concrete is a crucial factor. Surfaces with extensive damage, severe cracks, or unevenness may require more extensive restoration before polishing. We assess each surface to determine the feasibility of polishing and recommend the best course of action for your specific situation.


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