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The Professional Stone Restoration Company in London that you can rely on!

Here at Stone Guru we are specialized in natural stone and wood surface restoration. Conservation and solutions, floor cleaning services or stone floor restoration services are among the top jobs that we deal with on a regular daily basis.

We have a very large experience in working on both commercial or residential projects.
Our natural stone restoration and cleaning services are perfectly shaped for marble floors, travertine, terrazzo, granite or even concrete floors.
We have the expertise to properly clean, polish, restore and protect any type of natural stone surface and in 99,99% of the cases the final result is a better looking stone floor than it was looking when it got installed the first place.

If you are looking for a stone restoration professional company, you landed on the right website. Our portfolio page is periodically updated and we even developed a Before and After page where you can actually see the state of the stone floors before we started working on them compared to the final result. We like showing off our stone restoration results as they are often dramatic and fun to watch, that's we have thousands of followers all across social media that are connected to us on a daily basis.

We have a solid background in offering a genuine professional service to all our customers and we are proud to receive very good feedback from some of the most iconic buildings in London and the UK. You can stay in touch with us with daily updates on floor restoration services on our Facebook page.

More about us

Professional stone floor restoration services

We take pride in our work titles and it’s been a long struggle to call ourselves stone floor restoration experts. We’ve started at the bottom, doing small jobs in and around London and we’ve done that for quite some while, until we’ve got the chance to show our skills in some big projects. After that, we’ve managed to become the number 1 provider of services related to stone floors for a big number of customers.

Some of these customers are notorious names in the business landmark in the UK and we reckon that if they’ve chosen us to be responsible about the way their floors look like we might be doing a very good job in restoring and cleaning marble floors, travertine floors and so on.

Marble floor restoration

marble floor restoration services London

Marble floors are among our favourite to clean, grind, polish and protect. The whole marble restoration process is something we enjoy very much in doing because we always get the results that go beyond our client's expectations. 

Granite restoration services

granite floor restoration services

Who doesn't love granite floors? Granite is one of the most popular building materials and it's also one of the most delicate to work with as it's restoration requires not only lot's of focusing but also a different set of skills. Do you have a granite floor? Let's talk about it!

Travertine floor restoration

travertine floor restoration London

Travertine is almost like marble, but we think it's better. Why do we think this? Because of the way it shines once we restore it. If you have travertine floors or countertops in your home and would like to know how to get the best out of them, just let us know.

Limestone floor restoration

limestone  floor restoration services in London

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and it's formed by layers of small pieces of rock and stones pressed hard together. We are experts when it comes to restoring it!

Terrazzo floor restoration

terrazzo floor restoration services in London

Terrazzo floors are among the most complex and spectacular stone floors in the world. There's practically no one that could resist not looking at such marvellous floors. We love them! We love terrazzo!

Professional slate restoration

slate cleaning, polishing and restoration

Slate is a common natural stone, usually found outside the living spaces.
We had great results in using special techniques designed for this slate.

Marble floor restoration

marble restoration services London

Stone floor restoration. Why it's so important to do it?

We look at floors from the investment point of view and we truly know what are the costs involved in changing a stone floor all tighter. Also, we know that stone floors should last for a very long time if properly maintained.

Still, from time to time, stone floors need restoration as cleaning or just grinding won’t cut it anymore.This is where we come in and we take pride in the experience and tools that we use to always deliver the best results.

We call ourselves doctors because we have the ability to bring back to life any kind of stone floor or stone surface by restoring it to its glory day.We only use top quality machinery manufactured in Italy by the industry leading company Klindex and we only use premium stone soap and grinding pads.

They say it takes a lot of effort and pressure for a piece of carbon to become a piece of diamond. We way that it will take us some premium diamond pads and some working space plus several hours to get any piece of stone floor shining again.

Want to see more of our stone floor restoration work? Click on the button below to see real photos from real locations in London..

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Stone floor restoration, polishing and cleaning in London, UK

Simple process, lots of benefits!

We cover multiple areas of London, UK and also multiple types of surfaces can be restored and cleaned by our specialists. You can get in touch with us by using the contact form below, the messenger option provided by Facebook or by just calling us.

The process of getting the marble floor restored or other type of surface restored begins by doing an accurate assesses over the surface in order to be able to anticipate the next steps. We are fully aware that each and every single floor or surface is different and that’s why there can’t be a “fixed/square meter fee”

Thank you for understanding and for getting in touch!

Please note that: The assessment of the stone floor and the quotation for restoring it come for free. We also might do a sample restoration of the damaged floor if needed.