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Natural Stone Floor Restoration Experts

Stone Guru is specialized in restoration, polishing and cleaning of all types of natural stone, wood floors and surfaces. As natural stone floors hold no secrets for us, we are always ready to asses and deliver the best solutions in terms of time and costs.

We are genuinely passionate about our restoring marble, granite, travertine and any other natural stone surfaces and we would love to help out as much as we can possibly can.

Marble Floor Restoration


Marble floors are among our favourite to clean, grind, polish and protect. The whole marble restoration process is something we enjoy very much in doing because we always get the results that go beyond our client's expectations. 

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Granite Restoration Services


Who doesn't love granite floors? Granite is one of the most popular building materials and its also one of the most delicate to work with as its restoration requires a lot of focus and a variety set of skills. Do you have a granite floor?


Travertine Floor Restoration


Travertine is identicle to marble, but we are of the opinion that it is a superior stone. Why do we think this? Because of the way it shines once we restore it. If you have travertine floors or countertops in your home and would like to know how to get the best out of them, just let us know.

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Terrazzo Floor Restoration


Terrazzo floors are among the most complex and spectacular stone floors in the world. There's practically no one that could resist not looking at such marvellous floors. We love them! We love terrazzo!

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Limestone Floor Restoration


Limestone is a sedimentary rock and its formed by layers of small pieces of rock and stones pressed hard together. We are experts when it comes to restoring limestone!

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Professional Slate Restoration


Slate is a common natural stone, usually found outside the living spaces.
We had great results in using special techniques designed for this slate.

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Concrete restoration


Concrete can be restored to a point that it resembles premium stone surfaces.
We have amazing results in restoring concrete surfaces. 

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Seamless terrazzo installation


Have you ever heard about seamless terrazzo? Well, is a italian technique
developed for large surfaces that need a very smooth look as it doesn't use joints.

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Stone floor restoration reviews. We love our job.


Stone Floor Restoration Experts

Professional solutions for stone surfaces

As stated before, we are specialized in stone floor restoration, polishing and cleaning.
We also use the most infovative solutions - like RAKU from Lantania (Italy) which is ta single-component, anti-acid coating designed to shield marble and marble/concrete composite surfaces from acid-based stains. Additionally, it offers comprehensive protection against common substances such as water, oil, and coffee.

Also, we use Hypergrinder machines and tools, and Hypergrinder is well known for the dedicated solutions when it comes to restoring concrete, marble, terrazzo or other types of stone surfaces.

Here are some of the best machines and substances that we use in our daily routine.



Stay safe with the most inovative anti-acid protection from Lantania - RAKU.
This special substance need professional installation and we are aomng the few ones that can actualyy do it in the whole UK.

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Best of the best substances when it comes to restoring, protecting and cleaning in regards of stone surfaces. We use them, we recommend them and we know for a afect that once you used Lantania for your marble or granite, you simply can't go back to anything else.

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Hyperrginder Grinders


The best machines, the best results. Hypergrider is the name to go to if you need top machines to restore stone surfaces. Why we use them? Because we only want what's best for our clients and their floors.

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Hypergrinder has lot's og machines and we own several of them. The reason behind this is that sepcial stone surfaces need special machines. Want to know more about how we use these machines?

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Simple process, lots of benefits!

Stone floor restoration, polishing and cleaning in London, UK

We cover multiple areas of London, UK and also multiple types of surfaces can be restored and cleaned by our specialists. You can get in touch with us by using the contact form below, the messenger option provided by Facebook or by just calling us.

The process of getting marble floor or other types of surfaces restored begins by conducting an accurate assessment over the surface in order to be able to anticipate the next steps. We are fully aware that each and every single surface is different and that’s why there can’t be a “fixed/square meter fee” Thank you for understanding and for getting in touch! Please note that: The assessment of the stone floor and the quotation for restoring comes for free.

We also might provide a sample restoration of the damaged floor if needed.

Meanwhile, you can browse our Blog for more info on upkeeping your stone floors, restoration, stone products and much much more.

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